Framed Prints



I am VERY excited to announce that my hubby and I have created a piece of art that we are extremely proud of. It’s brand new and I’m introducing it for the first time!!


My mission and passion for these framed prints was to create a piece of art that I would want hung on my walls. I took everything I wanted in a framed print such as: high quality, durable, top of the line craftsmanship, rustic, shabby chic, classic, simple, timeless, and visually obsessive to the eye and made it a reality. These framed prints are one of a kind. There are no assembly lines when it comes to the craftsmanship of my product, EVERYTHING is printed and hand crafted in Glastonbury, CT.


The framed prints are a very unique high quality piece printed onto a sturdy matted material using UV ink. It’s a light weight piece which makes for easy hanging yet extremely durable. No glass or backing is needed. The rustic hand crafted frame is made specifically for your photo by my talented hubby.


There are two stains you will be able to choose from (Brown or Gray).

SIZING: (4 sizes to choose from)

18X15 (Medium rectangle)

18X18 (Square)

18X23 (Large rectangle)

18X31 (Long landscape)

These framed prints are only available to my clients. Only photos that I have taken will be allowed to print and be framed. If you have had a session with me in the past and would like that photo printed and framed I would be more than happy to do that.